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Maps and GPS Coordinates
Maps/GPS Coordinates
  •        From Monte Vista Colorado to Jasper Colorado

  •       Follow Yellow Line to see travel route.

  •       Traveling on Highway 160 west into Monte Vista from Alamosa

  •       Downtown Monte Vista there is two traffic lights you will be turning left/south at the second stop light on
    Highway 15

 (Note Dairy Queen is on the northeast corner of the intersection you will be turning left/south at this traffic light)

  •       On Highway 15 you will travel south 12 miles south. You will be turning right/west onto Forest Service Road
    250. It is a dirt road you will be turning on.
  (Note Skyline Metal is on the Southeast corner of the 12 mile road)

  •       On FSR 250 you will travel 23 miles west on a curvy dirt road to Jasper. Stay on the main road and do not
    turn off main road until you come to Jasper.
  (Note you will go by Terrace Reservoir and the road is narrow above the water slow down for traffic for the rest of the
road to Jasper because the road is narrow and winding)

  •       You will cross a cattle guard coming into the town of Jasper. There will be cabins on both sides of the road.
    Travel about a ½ mile West and on your left/south there will be a larger Jasper sign. The very next road to your
    right you will turn right/North to the lodge. The lodge is the second cabin you can see from the road to the North.
        There is a Cherokee T.P. Outfitters sign on a sleeping cabin out front.  
Directions to Jasper, Colorado Our Base of Operation:

GPS Coordinates:

37°25'10.8"N 106°27'59.8"W

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