We welcome you to the memories of those already made
To all the people that have been with us in the past we appreciate your business and welcome the friendship's
we made in the field. Hunting success means good food, good laughs, and sharing our memories we have
made. Maybe you'll find your way on to this page in the future.
Jeff's Bull
Jack's Trip
Kelly's Antelope
Lisa's Bull
Pictures of Clients Hunts.
Hunting Pictures
Colorado Outfitters
Colorado Outfitters
Keagan Smith
Dave L Bull
Kelly's Lion
Charle's Bull
Luke's Bull
Dave S Bull
Denny's Bull
Travis's Bull
Roger's Buck
Buger's Bull
Dave S Lion
Ron's Bull
Jason and Travis First Hunt
Colorado Outfitters
Colorado Outfitters
Dustin and Bobby's Bulls
Drop Camp Bulls
Denny and Robert's Trip
Micheal and Rusty's Trip
Ted's Bull

More picture's to come of past and
present. If you have hunted with us
and have a picture you would like
to post on this page let us know.

they dream of a great adventure.
Cherokee T.P. Outfitters will be one's
to help you meet that goal and cross it
off your list of life-long dreams.
Cherokee T.P. Outfitters LLC (Jasper CO)
171 8th St.
Phillipsburg, KS 67661
Tammy:  785-543-7279
Camp:  719-852-3021
Wildman Eddie
Eric's Bull
Happy Drop Campers
The Seefeldt's
Cooling off