We welcome you to the memories of those already made
To all the people that have been with us in the past we appreciate your business and welcome the friendship's we made in the field.
Just some of the places, people and wildlife along the way to making lasting memories.
Tricia's Trip
Dave Packing The Young Stock
Lookout Mountain In The Background
Bighorn Sheep Alamosa Canyon
Pictures of Outfitting
Dave Slater and Denny Wildman
Lookout Mountain
Elk Herd While Day Riding
Denny and Robert Packing Deer
Lush Vegetation
Travis, Ron, and Jerry Packing Elk
Elk Herd On the Continental Divide Trail
Mountain Lion Cub
More picture's to come of past and
present. If you have hunted with us and
this page let us know. Thank You
Everyone has something in mind when
they dream of a  great adventure.
Cherokee TP Outfitters will be one's to
help you meet that goal and cross it off
your list of lifelong dreams.
Cherokee T.P. Outfitters LLC (Jasper CO)
171 8th St.
Phillipsburg, KS 67661
Tammy's:  785-543-7279
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