Outfitting Services/Booking
(All Inclusive) GUIDED 6 night/5 day HUNT: $3,000/Client

Booking a Hunt requires a signed contract
with a
50% non-refundable deposit
by money order, check or credit card  payment
by email invoice, then final payment is
due by
August 1st of your hunt year.

*We offer a second year option for a Draw Tag
Season (if unsuccessful in the Draw
Application Process)

*Large Groups of 6-12 need to Book as early as
a year or two prior to reserve a spot.

All listed prices are based per hunter.  
Licenses are not included in price of the trip.
Check for current license fee and application forms at:
**Apply online for Draw Tags by the first Tuesday in April deadline**
Fishing Trips
You bring the fishing gear and rain gear and we will provide the fun.
Crater lake is to enjoy a day of relaxation and a full creel. All you
need is your fishing gear and rain gear and we will provide the fun.
Crater lake is a beautiful remote lake filled with big sneaky cut bow
trout. Catching one of these big trout takes an avid angler. Or if
you prefer easy family action we have a lot of brook trout and
cutthroat filled streams that make it easy for the smaller children.

These trips can be booked by the day or multiple days depending
on what the client wants.
Camping Trips
Camping trips are designed on the clients wishes. You can spend
time in the mountains relaxing around camp or horseback riding
though the beautiful mountains. There's an abundance of wildlife and
scenery so don't forget your camera. We provide everything except your
personal gear, such as clothing, sleeping bag, and rain gear. This is a
great trip will enjoy the back country wilderness.
Horseback Rides
Experience Beautiful views and spectacular wildlife.  Personal gear for
day rides is rain gear, jacket, and lunch.  Enjoy views that some never
see traveling the roads and on ATV’s. Visit the special back country

Pricing for Fishing or Horseback Trips:
$150/person for up to 4 Hours (1/2 Day Trip)
$200/person for 6 Hours plus sack lunch
Do~It~Yourself ARCHERY ONLY 6 Night/5 Day CABIN HUNT SPECIAL (All Inclusive):
$750/Client ~ C
ook Station provided
(See our Archery Cabin Hunt Page for more info and pictures of our cabins)
Drop Camps:
Items to Bring: Groceries~Snacks~Coolers for Food and
Game~Game Bags~ICE~Water Filtration~
Paper and
plastic goods
for food storage~Hunting Gear including
cold weather
and rain gear~Medication if
Needed~Hunting Clothes and Backpacks.

Weather conditions can vary from hot and dry to cold
and freezing
temps in hours. We suggest hunters bring
rain gear and clothing to handle a
ll situations.

Suggested Mobility for Non-Guided Hunts:
Hunters should bring ATV's for back country
transportation. Not required but can give you access
into more remote area's without having to travel on foot
if you only have a vehicle for daily travels.


TAMMY ~ 785-543-7279


2020-2024 Colorado 5 Year Big Game Structure
The client will need to provide personal gear, hunting equipment, ammo, sleeping bag, license and the tag for the animal.
Physical abilities of walking, hiking or horseback riding of at least 3-5 miles per day, otherwise a minimum hike of 1/2 to 3/4
mile hike and sitting will be the only other option we have.
We normally only take
10 to 12 guided people in one camp per season to make it a nice, comfortable and best opportunity hunt.
Hunts can be reserved longer than 5 days depending on the season and based on availability. It is at the client’s discretion
whether to reserve additional hunt days upon booking.
Hunts are conducted from about 9,500-11,500 ft. Mountain terrain can be steep and rugged. All medical conditions limiting your
ability to walk or ride a horse needs to be shared at the time of booking to help us determine if this hunt is best suited for you.

30 years of outfitting in the Units 80
& 81 of the Rio Grande National Forest in the San Juan Wilderness gives us the knowledge
of what it takes to get the client the best opportunity to harvest wild game. Vastly experienced in wildlife, shooting, and the
area's we use gives us an advantage working with clients capabilities and what the client desires on their hunts to make it a
once in a lifetime experience. We will work hard to make it happen. We utilize all our resources to get you to the game and
give you an opportunity to make that kill shot

Guided Hunts:
Breakfast and Supper will be served at the main house each day. Breakfast will be served before departure on your daily hunt.
Supper will be served after daylight hours to ensure you’re getting plenty of hunting time.
*We provide the supplies needed for you to pack in lunch and snacks into the field.*
No cell service, No Internet, No Electricity. Main house runs off of generator for lights and water.
Basic sleeping cabins with
twin beds, wood or propane heat.

We will hunt you to your capabilities
If you cannot ride a horse... you will need to be able to walk 3 to 5 miles.
If you cannot walk 3 to 5 miles... you will be sitting
A minimum of 1/2 to 3/4 mile hike is required to reach our sitting location.

Colorado Rules and Regulations Brochure:  
Restroom/shower facilities at the main house
~ Outdoor Cook Station with pots and pans, cutting board, dishes, silverware,serving bowls and cooking utensils
Maps of Hunt Areas~ (USGS Quad maps of Platoro, Sumittville, Jasper, Summit Peak, Beaver Creek Reservoir, Red
Mountain,  and Del
GPS Coordinates to our Jasper Basecamp on the MAPS page of our website.

Cabins are located at our base camp. (9,500 ft elevation) in Jasper, CO.
Making the most out of your opportunity to harvest a big game animal is what this hunt is all about. This is a great hunt for those who want to
camp close to hunt area, yet have some of the comforts of home. Our hunting area include approximately 176 square miles.
You are not required to stay in our area for this particular hunt
If you need items that are not listed under what we provide, please bring them with you.
Same accommodation as High Country Drop Camp but access with your own 4-Wheelers
once we get you packed into
camp. You still have the option to book even without 4-wheelers.
Walk in is required to get to most of the areas in the National Forest.
This option provides easier access to alternative hunt areas.
To Book your Hunt:
Call Tammy (785) 543-7279
SEMI-GUIDED HUNTS: $2,000/client (All Inclusive)
6 Night/5 Day Hunt

Same accommodations as a Guided Hunt with the exception of a guide and you provide your own
transportation to and from our Jasper base camp each day to hunt.
Game pack out to our Jasper base camp, cape and quartering are provided in this package.
Most roads are accessible by Pickup, SUV or you can bring a 4-wheeler to access more remote trails.
High Country (Horseback Pack-in) 6 Night/5 Day Rifle Drop Camps: $1,800/client
Pack in the day before your hunt begins and pack out the day after your hunt ends.
We provide transportation of clients gear from the trail head to camp and back out.
We provide a cook tent and sleeping tent with cots along with all the basic cooking pots, pans and utensils.
Personal Gear is limited to 75lbs per person. We prefer two duffel bags or equivalent and not including sleeping bags.
Drop camps will be checked on mid-week or at the clients discretion.
Depending on the season you choose to book, we have 2 High Country Tent drop camps
accessible by horseback and 2 Four Wheeler accessible camp.
Game pack out from camp to trail head on pack out day is included in this package.

Additional hunt days may be purchased based on availability and season dates.
4~Wheeler Accessible 6 Night/5 Day Rifle Drop Camps: $1,800/client
Pack in the day before your hunt begins and pack out the day after your hunt ends.
Archery Elk:
September 2nd ~ 30th Annually

September 2nd~30th Annually
(Over~the~Counter with Caps)
Muzzleloader Deer/Elk:
Opens the Saturday after September 9th each year
(Application by Draw Tag)
Rifle Deer/Elk Seasons:
(Limited Seasons are a Draw Tag by Online Application
Opens in March closes the 1st Tuesday of April each year.

1st Separate Limited Elk 10/16- 10/20
2nd Combined Deer & Elk 10/30- 11/07
3rd Combined Deer & Elk 11/13- 11/19
4th Combined Limited Deer & Elk 11/24- 11/28

1st Separate Limited Elk 10/15- 10/19
2nd Combined Deer & Elk 10/29- 11/06
3rd Combined Deer & Elk 11/12- 11/18
4th Combined Limited Deer & Elk 11/23- 11/27

1st Separate Limited Elk 10/14- 10/18
2nd Combined Deer & Elk 10/28- 11/05
3rd Combined Deer & Elk 11/11- 11/17
4th Combined Limited Deer & Elk 11/22- 11/2

1st Separate Limited Elk 10/12- 10/16
2nd Combined Deer & Elk 10/26- 11/03
3rd Combined Deer & Elk 11/09- 11/15
4th Combined Limited Deer & Elk 11/20- 11/24
Success vs Opportunity

Success is based on your ability to make a kill
shot once your presented the opportunity.
Average shot can be 300 yds to 500 yds. The
ability to make a kill shot at those ranges or
higher increases your success substantially.

Opportunity is our ability to use our knowledge
of hunting and our area to put you into a
position to take that shot.

Success and Opportunity can vary based on
Season, Rut, Game movement, Weather and so
many other factors and that changes year to
year and season to season. Being prepared is the
best way to ensure success.

SUCCESS: It's just a number! Whether it's 0% or
100%. Come with an attitude to enjoy an
adventure of a lifetime!

Bow/Gun Recommendations:
It's not necessarily a caliber or brand.

We recommend a Bow/Arrow or Gun/Ammo
your familiar with and confident in the ability
to make a kill shot.
*Please have your equipment sighted in and
ready to hunt upon arrival to basecamp.

*Please be familiar with ALL the Colorado Rules
and Regulations for hunting and equipment.
GAME Processing and Transport:

Do Not Provide Game Processing but we can make
recommendations for processors in nearby towns

Nearest town is 35 miles from basecamp.
Please plan ahead for game preparation and transport.
*Most of our hunters de-bone, bag and put into 3-4 large
coolers on ice for transport home.