Guide Training

training environment with some time studying maps, rules and regulations and
learning the area.  During these 10 days the student will learn the basic
fundamentals of guiding hunters and wilderness training.

After the 10 day introduction, we move into the actual archery season.
Here the student will train with real clients while having a guide mentor.
This session runs from August 27th through September 25th.

Instead of a student paying thousands of dollars to attend a two - four week class,
our guide training is free. An actual hands-on in the field training for 6 weeks. You
will see what it's like to be a guide first hand.
You dedicate 6 weeks of your time and we train you.
**Room and Board Provided**

Reference for prospective internship upon completion of Guide Training

* Tent setup
* Setup a clean, safe and comfortable camp
* Campfire building and safety
* Build and care for a Latrine
* Client camp safety
* Camp Clean-up and pack out

Big Game Hunting and Packing Skills

* Habits of mule deer and elk
* Client and Gun Safety
* Scoring of mule deer and elk
* Shot placement and long range shooting
* Tracking wounded animals
* Game Retrieval and pack out
* Client interaction and instruction

Guide Training for Specific Hunt Area
* Map reading
* Forest Service rules and regulations
* Permit and uses
* Land Mangement
* Guide and Client Integrity
* Animal species and hunts
* Season Dates




Game Recovery

Map orientation and GPS

Hunting techniques

Basic ballistics course

Client gear and prep

Client readiness during the hunt

Trail maintenance

National forest Rules and Regulations

Safety and Survival
Guide Requirements:

18 years of age or older

Available to start training August 15th

First aid/CPR card

Physically able to lift 100 lbs

Be able to hike 5 to 10 miles

No Drugs or Alcohol

No Profanity

People skills

Prior horsemanship preferred.  

Provide Basic gear: Back packs~Knives (skinning,
gutting & quartering)~Hunting Clothes plus rain
gear~Rangefinder up to 500 yards.

6 Week commitment to the training
Horses and Horsemanship

* How to feed, water and care for
* Common illness and injuries of
* First aid and first aid kit for horses
*Storing and proper care of tack
* Transporting of Clients, tack,
gear and horses
* Preparation and safety while
saddling horses
* Safety fitting gear both horse and
* Basic Gun Safety while packing
* Basic horseback riding skills
* Horseshoeing

Trail head Packing

* Introduction to different types
pack saddle
* Introduction to the different types
of packs used
* How to properly pad and saddle a
pack horse
* Proper weight distribution and
packing loads
* Packing odd-sized loads
* Knots and hitches to tie down
* How to put a string of pack
horses together
* How to safely lead a pack string
In this 6 week training you will learn all the skills necessary to
pursue an internship and career as a wilderness hunting guide